Steven Avery

I didn't run at all. You asked and I said my position hasn't change, how is that running? I just said you don't have a Greek background and should not criticize things when you have no way of separating the good Greek arguments from the bad. There's a lot of us who can make that argument from a learned position. We don't need Steven Avery to save the day--in fact, people in the same position as you who have nothing to impart, yet feel the need to impart it, make it far worse for people who can argue it skillfully and correctly.

I corrected supposed Greek scholar Barry Hofstetter, and some aligned with his errors.

You refuse to read the arguments, because you can sense that my correction is true, defending the solecism argument for heavenly witnesses authenticity. And Hofstetter was exposed.

Until you step up to the plate on this major doctrinal dialogue, your criticism above is false, repetitive and puerile.