do the Bible and doctrinal errors and yahwehism disqualify the eldership anointing, authority and submission concepts?

Steven Avery

This is an important question, and I simply want to placehold it here for now.

Clearly, the concept is refuted as being non-functional as long as a Christian ministry is in yahweh-bondage and can not identify the pure word of God. However, such failings in Homestead Heritage do not ipso facto negate the concept as flawed and wrong. They only show that the concepts do not apply today for their ministry. (No one with Christian integrity could ever submit to a yahwehistic fellowship, lifting up a demon name. Even putting aside the huge Bible issue and doctrinal faults.)

Yet, the concept was birthed in a degree of purity. And it is even possible that Homestead Heritage could come back to Jesus. Or a remnant or break-off segment. Or a brand-new outside group, could actually manifest those concepts in a purer fashion in the future.

Were the concepts natively false, as claimed by the cult-busters? Or were they actually largely sensible and Biblical?

To be continued.

Steven Avery

the discipleship and shepherding aspects of Homestead Heritage,

Based on a Topix post, enhanced.


Personally, I don't think we can easily judge the discipleship and shepherding aspects of Homestead Heritage, at least not conceptually.
These go along with "eldership anointing, authority and submission concepts." Even the "Jesus come in the flesh" doctrine is connected here.

There could easily be germs of truth in there and some elements do line up well with the Bible patterns. Often this structure and relationship helped expose sin, unto repentance. And if individuals preferred the flesh, they would leave. There can be a spur to holiness.

We can respect the fact that elements of community and solid relationship grew out of those types of covenant commitments. The vision of the 1970s did successfully manifest in cultural and community areas, even as Homestead Heritage faltered on Christian fundamentals.


Why can't we judge?

** The yahweh-worship has skewed the whole movement.**

The members think they are praying to the God of Israel when calling out the name of a devil. Oops. There is a pernicious negative spiritual influence now that messes up virtually all elements of the ministry. This entity affects worship, song goes out to the pagan thing and false prophecy has been a result. And it affects the tendency of some elders to come up with explanations of convenience and stick with them even when clearly false. (At times this involves what could be called rewriting history.) The effects are legion.

The rash of sad tragedies and the cases of perversion I believe have a connection as well. This is a difficult analysis, because every situation is different. So I simply share that as my personal sense, that the unholiness of "yahweh" took hold of some lives. Yet, even the purest Christian fellowship could have some such problems.

One of the sickest elements was when the younger generation were poisoned against the actual true Hebrew Bible name, Jehovah.

Psalm 83:18 (AV)
That men may know that thou,
whose name alone is JEHOVAH,
art the most high over all the earth.

Homestead Heritage is double-mangling the song Days of Elijah (No God but Jehovah.) The mangling I experienced was at the Fair in 2009, substituting the devil yahweh for the holy name Jehovah. The second mangling was the blasphemy ditty of the indoctrinated young ones, singing words like "there is no God named Jehovah". Whoever came up with that one hopefully has had, or will have, a full cleansing and repentance.(I understand that after awhile it was kaboshed. However, the very fact of such a song gaining a foothold shows the degree of total apostasy that has taken over on fundamental Bible issues. And how the yahwehistic element was emphasized, something totally hidden on their website.)

So it is inevitable, with a devil contribution, that doctrines and activities are heavily affected, negatively. We see that clearly false doctrines have worked they way in, due to the heavy yahwehistic element.(e.g. Think of the abominable yahshua thing and the pledge of the old nature in baptism.) The internal structures have become incredibly artificial (we did not even have membership in the 1970s and early 1980s.) There is the legal-beagle influence. Think of Tom Paxton's "One Million Lawyers. Even one lawyer can do immense spiritual damage.

The literature is often now in the nature of a lead balloon, at least when it tries to focus on Christian doctrinal fundamentals. Yet, that convoluted literature, combined with the rhema from the elder, takes primacy over the Bible. And the versions read are often themselves ultra-corruption versions. There is the babble of versions.

Thus, we see that the Bible has lost centrality and in Homestead Heritage is no longer the pure and perfect plumb line of faith. Instead it has become a tool for scripture manipulation in the hands of men whose scripture knowledge and understanding is limited (e.g. the Jewish brother who brought yahweh into their doctrinal fundamentals.) The version smorgasbording is a transparent joke, for those who take the time to unravel the process.

This skews 1,000 elements and the poison of the yahwehistic element has weakened the original purity of the fellership.

The earlier movement had many of the same tendencies of Christian relationship, discipleship, community and zeal and commitment. Without all the harm and danger. There was minimal yahwehism.

Due to the fog of yahwehism, we can not tell in the current situation whether the community and discipleship ideas of Homestead Heritage are sound.