doctrinal accuracy can determine preserved original variant - Mark 1:2, Luke 2:22, and Luke 2:33

Steven Avery

The Johannine Comma - Part 1 - Cyprian

Steven Hayes - Sept 2021
To me, the issue related to the solecism in the text created by the removal of the comma is a powerful argument, one that really ought to carry the day for a Bible believer. Much like Mark 1:2, Luke 2:22, and Luke 2:33, the authentic reading can be known from theological reasons alone, else a clear error is introduced into the text of Scripture. Those who refuse to accept this argument really don’t believe in Scripture’s own testimony to be perfect and without error; it’s almost as if they are laboring to advance a text that has obvious errors, in which case they must be viewed as being in the service of Satan. I love the videos, Nick, keep up the good work.