early church writers on New Testament dates, authorship, book order and languages

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Damon Lee Gang
well you know Theophilus Irenaeus Clement and the Muratorian fragment help us with John ... and let us know it is the last of the gospels ... so maybe 90 AD for the gospel of John (based on several people)

Irenaeus of Lyons (b. 120/140 Asia Minor - d. 200/203 CE)

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David Valentine
The canonical order Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is taken to reflect compositional order by all the Fathers I have found on this issue ...


When the Fathers tell us that Peter dictated Mark's Gospel, I place this with my hypothesis that Matthew had Peter among the team of the Twelve, agreeing on a common story in the first decade in Jerusalem, so Peter contributed to both Gospels. In places he embellished with his particular memories; but as we will all agree, the overall structure of Mathew and Mark show many differences. So common sources explain the similarities, as different eventual settings explain the obvious differences.

Casey Perkins
Augustine explicitly states elsewhere that Matthew was first, and calls Mark “the attendant and abbreviator of Matthew”. Google the Augustinian hypothesis. ... The idea of Matthew and Luke preceding Mark is explicit as early as Clement of Alexandria.