ending the Homestead Heritage paralysis in Jehovah-yahweh-yahshua scholarship

Steven Avery


On the Topix board:

I shared a bit today (Jan 28, 2017) on how Homestead Heritage got into this mess. And especially how easy it would be for them to be free.


On the Facebook PureBible forum, also today, is more new sharing which, by the grace of the Lord Jesus, is planned to come over here as well:

Nehemiah Gordon and Yehovah / Jehovah as the real name
And yahweh as the pagan devil jupiter


From the Topix discussion, after discussing some of the excellence and purity and Bible-based elements in New Life Fellowship earlier days. A sister had criticized Blair as having foisted all sorts of unsound doctrines.:

We have a bit of disagreement as to Blair's role. I believe a lot of the problems came in from yahwehista elders, Joel Stein especially. Joel led Gary Linzer and Barry Hersh (far too willing, but again, no other Christian background, too much Hegelian dialectic) and others down that path, and Blair went along. (Those who went along without much background included Tony Salmeri and Howard Wheeler. Later the newer members, including at least one with a Baylor affiliation.) I defer on any harsh criticism of Blair Adams, except that he should have protected the pure name of God, Jehovah and the pure word of God, the AV, and the pure water baptism in Jesus name, from the attacks that came forth out of the blunders of the elders. The fact that some of these blunders were put under Blair's name, when the writings were clearly not written by him, contributes to the problem.

Tsafir Yarden needs to be mentioned as well. As an Israeli, fluent in Hebrew, with connections of family and friends throughout the land, for him to accept the yahshua abomination makes no sense. What about their people in Haifa today? Are they American ex-pats, with minimal Hebrew? If not, if they are native, surely they know that yahshua is a nothing, a counterfeit. They should tell the emperor that the yahshua has no clothes!

And rather than Joel struggling with yahweh through his historical-dialectic pseudo-scholarship lens, and wondering about Jehovah (this I speak from experience).... Tsafir could get on the phone to Nehemia Gordon, or better, visit in person, and understand the whole thing. Probably take an hour. Yahweh could be gone, the devil removed. Yahshua away, as far as the east from the west.

Note. Tsafir can converse with Nehemia in both Hebrew and English. They both are totally fluent in both languages. The Hebraic elements may go better in Hebrew.

(No, I have not mentioned this to Nehemia, our contacts are sporadic, but it seems like the obvious solution.)

Homestead Heritage .. break your paralysis, seek the truth in the Lord Jesus Christ. You have the funds for a plane fare. You could even offer Nehemia to visit you and teach the ministry people why Yehovah is the pure word of God and your yahweh is the pagan jupiter. One small expense of travel. Be free from yahweh-bondage and do real research. Joel simply does not have the Christian or Hebrew savvy, and he has been too enmeshed personally with the yahweh thing in prayer, prophecy, etc.
Lord Jesus, let them hear your word.

In Jesus name,