Steven Avery

Willem Hessels van Est - Estius (1542–1613)

Bartholemew Petri (c. 1545-1630)

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Estius in 1614, (finished by Bartholomew Petri) edited by Joannes Holzammer in 1859, is very strong on evidences for the heavenly witnesses:

Guilielmi Estii in omnes d. Pauli epistolas item in catholicas commentarii, curavit J. Holzammer.Ed (1859) (Chap 5, section starts at 759)

We see Athanasius contra Arius at Nicea, Cyprian in Unity of the Church, Fulgentius using Cyprian (notice that this is response to Arian objections), the Vulgate Prologue by Jerome and more.

This may be the strongest defense of the heavenly witnesses up to that time, and maybe into the 1700s, and might still yield gems of study today.

Here is the Estius 1845 Sausen edition.