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David has been posting in preparation, and I have tried to document each post here:


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David W. Daniels


Wow. I wrote this when I began Sinaiticus research, 2 years ago. I knew practically nothing about Sinaiticus that I know now. What a difference 2 years makes. God is so good. God bless you all! - David
December 3, 2017

After 5-1/2 years, I finally got a new computer. I might even be able to make vlogs with it and a nice USB microphone I got, as well. Please pray I utilize these things to God's glory and get more videos out, even as we print my new book on the Sinaiticus, "Is the 'World's Oldest Bible' a Fake?" Thanks! God bless you all! - David
Dec 11, 2017

Bless Jesus! I thought my friends would like to see a glimpse of the cover of my newest book. God bless you all! - David
Dec 16, 2017

For those of you who get this book: We are making it an ebook. And I have a new mic. should I make it an audio book?
Dec 16, 2017

Praise God! They're printing the book! God bless you all! - David
Dec 20, 2017

Praise God! The book is printed! Now to be bound!
Dec 21, 2017

Deborah couldn't wait, and wanted a hard-bound book, so...
She took the signatures of "Is the 'World's Oldest Bible' a Fake" and a cover, and one of my hardback notebooks' covers, and sewed her own with bracelet wire and bound it with white gorilla tape, to make our own hard-bound book!
I love her creativity! We should have the paperback book from the binders in early January--hopefully only a bit over a week away. God bless you all! - David
Dec 23, 2017

Praise God! I made a huge poster out of all 823 known pages of Sinaiticus! I can show you things I couldn't before. The book will be ready for sale in early January. More to come! God bless you all! - David
Dec 28, 2017
Ed Emsweller - I’m looking forward to reading the book. Now it sounds like you’re saying this will be volume 1 of a multi-volume work.
David W. Daniels - Yes, at least two on the Sinaiticus