Fenton Hort - I John v. 7 might be got rid of in a month

Steven Avery

Life and Letters of Fenton Hort

To the Rev. J. Ll. Davies
St. Ippolyts, May 14th, 1870.

No rational being doubts the need of a revised Bible; and the popular practical objections are worthless. Yet I have an increasing feeling in favour of delay. Of course no revision can be final, and it would be absurd to wait for perfection. But the criticism of both Testaments, in text and interpretation alike, appears to me to be just now in that chaotic state (in Germany hardly if at all less than in England), that the results of immediate revision would be peculiarly unsatisfactory. . . . I John v. 7 might be got rid of in a month; and if that were done, I should prefer to wait a few years.