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Gilbert Athol Bloomer

Christology: Above or Below?
April 12, 2013

I think that the Eucharistic dimension of Christology has been much neglected and this is the reason I have chosen the Christology of the Letter to the Hebrews as one of my New Testament Christologies which represents Christology ‘from above’. Like all the Christologies in the New Testament each one has to a certain extent attributes of both ‘from above and ‘from below’. I have came to the conclusion many years ago that this letter was written by the former Jewish High-priest Theophilus to whom Luke addressed his Gospel and Acts under the guidance and encouragement of St Paul. This is a Christology focused on Tabernacle or Temple theology which can also be found in Paul (see Ephesians 2)17. It would seem to be addressed to those many Jewish priests mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles who have become believers (Acts 6:7).


Lukan Delights: First Testament Motifs in Luke's Infancy Narrative
Brother Gilbert (Athol) Bloomer

Some scholars believe that Luke himself or Theophilus the former High Priest (under the influence of Luke and Paul) wrote Hebrews 5
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Lukan Authorship of Hebrews (2010)
David Lewis Allen
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