GOD created four heavens, but He sat upon the circle of the earth


Yes, GOD created four heavens by His Word(Isaiah 51:16), i.e. the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heavens, and the heaven of the heavens, but He sat upon the circle of the Earth - Isaiah 40:22KJV also Nevi'im (Prophets) Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 40:22 - Hebrew Bible - : "It is He Who sits above the circle of the earth, and whose inhabitants are like grasshoppers, who stretches out the heaven like a curtain, and He spread them out like a tent to dwell" Ephesians 1:3KJV, and so on: 3 Blessed be the GOD and Father of our Lord JESUS Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.

Now, in this current millennnium, two of the four heavens created by GOD through JESUS will be DISSOLVED(without JESUS was not any thing made that was made), in fact both heavens -the first and second - will be BURNED from now on-2Peter 3:7 combined with Isaiah 33:14-15- , and the 3rd will be established in this current millennium, that is the seventh and last millennium, and this 3rd heaven whose heavenly environment is described in Revelation 4 and 5 combined with Luke 20:35-36, among many other biblical references -comes up hither-, it will last 1000 years. After this, I mean ending the millennium, then will be established the heaven of the heavens for all Eternity.

Get ready

May our Lord GOD bless and keep us, and give us His protection