Hall of Shame - how yahweh-(jupiter)-yahshua abominations got into Homestead Heritage

Steven Avery


Hall of Shame

Gentlemen responsible for the Homestead Heritage shipwreck into Yahweh(Jupiter) - Yahshua sacred name cultism and gnosticism. And leaving the historic Christian faith including apostolic pentecostalism.


#1 - Joel Stein

pseudo-scholastic leader.

Expert in sophistry.

Key to the Homestead move to a dozen corruption versions and attacks on majestic AV verses, including heavenly witnesses.

Exposed for false prophecies in yahweh name (and then rehabilitated.)

Attempt to guide a Homestead Heritage Version which could include yahweh-yahshua propaganda.

Joel acted around 2005 as if they were sincerely trying to discern the truth, in restrospect it is hard to say whether it was a little game, by that time the fellership had an enormous investment in yahweh-yahshua as their special revelation.

Joel and I had a period of communication on "Name" and Bible issues for about 10 years, c. 2005-2015.


#2 - Gary Linzer

Gate-keeper extraordinaire

Runs protection and interference for Joel Stein scholastic blunders

Reassures lower folks that they, the ministry folks (priests of Yahweh) ..... really, really do know. No need to question.

Skilled at smear diversion attempts.

Even able to create smears out of thin air, decades back. (Or is his memory deteriorating?)

Shows zero understanding of the actual issues and history.

Extremely skilled in rewriting history..


#3 - Barry Hersh

Research assistant

Barry searched out the guttural shift nothing theory. This has been used by yahweh-yahshua cultists, including the Missouri sacred namers, to try to defend the abominations. Homestead Heritage needed additional cover when the Yahshua gibberish error was foisted on the group, and then elbowed into the water baptisms.

Barry's collaboration goes way back to when Yahweh was just beginning to be used in the 70s. And Barry had an eldership status, still Joel was always the big Yahweh-pusher with false scholarship

(To be fair, it is much easier to see how pagan and false yahweh is today than in the halycon sacred namer days 45 years ago.)


#4 - Howard Wheeler

Infamous for a pile of corruption versions brought to meetings. Rifling through one after another.

With Joel tried to pressure a NY Pastor friend to stop the prayer from being in Jesus name. Asked for a switch to the Yahweh devil. (The pastor said no.)

Howard is also skilled in rewriting history.

Howard and Barry are especially vocal in the “ohhhhh yahhhhwehhh” creepy-crawly groanings.


"Honorable" Mention

Tsafir Yarden
- could have prevented fall into Yahweh-Yahshua abominations with study and a word to Blair Adams.

Israeli believers, like those in Zichron Yaakov, similarly could have taken stance for truth and taught the Homestead Heritage brethren more excellently.

Asi Adams - missed a correction opportunity in 2016, ran under Joel and Gary false teachings instead.

Abraham Adams - went totally haywire, and wrote that pointing out that Yahshua is not a name was an attack on the Lord Jesus. He still needs to repent of this blasphemous accusation.

Blair and Regina Adams were snookered by those above. Even today, Regina could speak a word of concern. When Yahshua was brought in as a new revelation, sadly Regina seconded the teaching. She should have known better.

Not sure who was most responsible for the attack on the Apostolic water baptism by bringing in the gibberish Yahshua. This abomination made it very difficult to clean house of the dark-side name Yahweh.


The Whole Crew

Could have easily invited Nehemia Gordon to visit, showing an openness to searching out and learning. What a breath of fresh air that would be, whatever the result.

Instead, they are bound in fear. Homestead Heritage “members” are not to search and study using their Christian faith and God-given skills. They are to trust Gary and friends. This disdain for truth is reinforced with the baptism pledges and vows and signatures. “You vowed to follow this ministry”. No pledge forces you to call on a devil name, forsaking or minimizing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Jesus name!

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