Homestead Heritage gives ok for the jabs - "a good number who were vaccinated"

Steven Avery

Saturday Nov 27, 2022
Homestead Heritage Contacts

Q&A Session


A good question from from a lady on the floor about the covid lockdowns and the so-called pandemic.

"in terms of vaccinations ... something they believe could be life-saving for them ... they had our blessing if they felt to be vaccinated and if they felt not to be vaccinated ... you would have found a good number who were vaccinated, especially among the elderly and you would have found more that weren't vaccinated"

Shortly after he uses some code language to attack the no-jab position.
many have latched on to a legitimate grievance and elastically stretched it to more than it should have been

Remember, in Evangel Life Ministries Asahel previously mocked the idea that people have been hurt grieviously or died from the jabs.

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