Homestead Heritage goal to keep yahweh-devil and yahshua issues hush-hush mush-mush

Steven Avery

Jan 30, 2017

The information nexus on these issues is centered on Joel Stein, a gentleman who has been in yahweh-bondage for decades, including given false prophecies in the name of yahweh.

There are a group of elders who are aware of the problems of yahweh being a devil, and related problems. They tend to reinforce with each other that they should not be concerned. Why? yahweh-bondage.

Joel Stein and Gary Linzer are the 1-2 defense. Joel came up with the poor scholarship that he can not and will not defend. Gary is the ministry face to deflect concerns. Barry Hersh, who fervently cries out to the yahweh entity, acts as a lieutenant to Joel Stein. Asahel Adams could be concerned, but he defers to the fake perspective fed him by Joel Stein.

There are others who may have a little bit of information, or they may be fed on a "need to know" basis. That would include Tsafir Yarden, Howard Wheeler and Tony Salmeri. And then you have the newer men and women in administration and ministry, including any Baylor seminary folks and the legal beagle. I tend to doubt that those men and women are kept aware of the concern, although they might have a bit more internet liberty than the common member, so they might end up reading and even researching.


"hush-hush, mush-mush" is a phrase invented by Curtis Sliwa use for trying to keep stuff secret.

The goal is to keep the basic information away from the hundreds of members. Any of them who could read about the yahweh-devil, or listen to the superb Nehemia Gordon tapes, would of course, if they are sincere Christians, be shaken by the Homestead Heritage praxis. They would wonder why they are calling upon a devil, yahweh. They would wonder why they are calling upon a gibberish name, yahshua.

One goal of the elders would be, I conjecture, to somehow obliquely warn the members, without specifics. When some people leave Homestead Heritage in 2017, they can report about how this was filtered down to the common man. If they are not too hogtied by the bogus attempts to silence through written covenant documents to the yahwehista group, family pressure, personal unease that their salvation is connected to the yahwehistas, etc. Lord Jesus, bring forth rapid change.

Another goal of the elders is to prevent Blair Adams from being informed and making an anointed Holy Spirit considerations through personal research, discussions and contacts. After all, Blair could learn many of the basic simply by inviting a gentleman like Nehemia Gordon to visit and give a personal explanation. The element of preventing Blair from having concern is very tricky. It is basically a Joel Stein "trust us" endeavor from the elders, supported, at least for a season, by Gary and Barry. Joel has Asahel Adams effectively doctrinally indoctrinated.

Lord Jesus, reach Blair Adams this day! We know Blair has a few years, and has had significant health concerns the last five years or so. However, we believe there is still an anointing and grace there that could quickly and properly turn Homestead Heritage around, bringing them free from yahweh-bondage and back into the glorious light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To be clear, Blair has in fact been informed about the basic considerations, but he was effectively Joel-cajoled into the "trust us" mentality.

Lord Jesus, move on the complete situation. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus name,
Steven Spencer


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