HR 2722 - Safe Act - 116th Congress - the darling of the Dem twitter crowd

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H.R.2722 - SAFE Act116th Congress (2019-2020)
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Before looking at the Act, which has severe federalism issues, let's review what we have learned about the major problems in the Fed elections today.

Let's ask a simple question. The states have existing voter mechanisms. If this Act forces changes for the Federal elections, then to what extent is it also coercive for local elections?


According to the BIden supporters, the republicans were "criminally negligent" in not voting for this Act!

Jennifer Cohn


No Hearings in the Senate!

The first sections have nothing about Mail-in ballots, the biggest problem

Is there a random number attached to the ballot that the person can use to check if the system has their vote right?

Nothing about dirty voting rolls.

Who determines "qualified election infrastructure vendors "
" the Chairman, in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security, " - federal takeover
" Technical Guidelines Development Committee "

$600,000,000 for fiscal year 2019; and
$175,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2020, 2022, 2024, and 2026.

Absurd - forcing the ranked choice capability on states for which it has zero purpose.

I have more problems in my earlier tweets



Risk-limiting audit

The term risk-limiting audit means, with respect to any election contest, a post-election process that—
has a probability of at least 95 percent of correcting the reported outcome if the reported outcome is not the correct outcome;
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Steven Avery


Title I—Financial Support for Election Infrastructure
Subtitle A—Voting System Security Improvement Grants

Part 1—Promoting Accuracy, Integrity, and Security Through Voter-Verified Permanent Paper Ballot

Sec. 101. Short title.

Sec. 102. Paper ballot and manual counting requirements.

Sec. 103. Accessibility and ballot verification for individuals with disabilities.

Sec. 104. Durability and readability requirements for ballots.

Sec. 105. Paper ballot printing requirements.

Sec. 106. Study and report on optimal ballot design.

Sec. 107. Effective date for new requirements.

Part 2—Grants to Carry Out Improvements

Sec. 111. Grants for obtaining compliant paper ballot voting systems and carrying out voting system security improvements.

Sec. 112. Coordination of voting system security activities with use of requirements payments and election administration requirements under Help America Vote Act of 2002.

Sec. 113. Incorporation of definitions.

Subtitle B—Risk-Limiting Audits

Sec. 121. Risk-limiting audits.

Sec. 122. Funding for conducting post-election risk-limiting audits.

Sec. 123. GAO analysis of effects of audits.

Title II—Promoting Cybersecurity Through Improvements in Election Administration

Sec. 201. Voting system cybersecurity requirements.

Sec. 202. Testing of existing voting systems to ensure compliance with election cybersecurity guidelines and other guidelines.

Sec. 203. Requiring use of software and hardware for which information is disclosed by manufacturer.

Sec. 204. Treatment of electronic poll books as part of voting systems.

Sec. 205. Pre-election reports on voting system usage.

Sec. 206. Streamlining collection of election information.

Title III—Use of voting machines manufactured in the United States

Sec. 301. Use of voting machines manufactured in the United States.

Title IV—Severability

Sec. 401. Severability.
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