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Steven Avery


Post on the Squarespace forum, Friday 9:35 AM, Friday, July 31

Censorship of Americas Frontlnie Doctors

Squarespace censored the excellent website of:

AmericasFrontlineDoctors - before censorship

And they falsely claim that the site was "expired".


"Website Expired
This account has expired. If you are the site owner, click below to login."


The history is given by:

Dr. Simone Gold


Reclaim the Net

Existing and potential Squarespace users should be aware of this arbitrary and capricious censorship.
Without any discussion or warning.

Granted, they may not have this power if you host on your own site, still you have to decide if the company is honorable and trustworthy.

In anticipation of Squarespace removing this post and preventing discussion, I have mirrored it on:

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