Internet Spots of Viewing and Comments for the Snapp-Avery discussion - earlier Critical Text Only? vid

Steven Avery

Youtube - will be conglomerating comments

Facebook - Joshua Gibbs

Facebook - Steven Avery

Facebook - Pure BIble

Facebook - Homestead Heritage Contacts

Facebook - NT Textual Criticism


BVDB contras

BVDB - 2017 looked at Snapp and Avery on Sinaiticus


Critical Text Only? - Nick Sayers and Steven Avery
Earlier discussion had a preview of Sinaiticus with Steven and James

Youtube - 6_z36qRyAW0
James Snapp enters c. 1:27:00 Sinaiticus starts a few minutes later



Jeffrey Riddle - preview of sorts, some good comments
WM 186: Is Codex Sinaiticus a Forgery?

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