is Sinaiticus the only uncial with the kai ligature ?

Steven Avery

Dirk Jongkind
[54] .... the kai-ligature of the B corrections, one of the most decisive criteria in establishing the various hands, is different from both scribe A and scribe D. See e.g. folio 73.3 (NT 3), line 2.12, and 4.19 in the outer margin.

p. 88
The KAI-ligature
Milne and Skeat found the form of the KAI-ligature one of the clearest
signals for each scribal hand.57 This ligature is formed by writing a kappa
with a short line attached to the downward arm of the kappa (), which
may be slightly shortened for the occasion. Scribe D has a curved medium
length stroke, scribe A a medium, straight stroke at an acute angle, and
scribe B has either a very short line, or a line with an angle in it (1$). The
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Steven Avery

Milne & Skeat

We need p. 22-23 where he uses the kai-ligature for scribe identification, per Jongkind.

Scribe A

Scribe B

Scribe D

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