Jacob Rhodes on the internal evidences

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Jacob Rhodes

I'm currently working on finishing a book that I've written in defence of 1 John 5:7.
I think you guys will find the lack of traditional arguments in my book somewhat intriguing.
In my book I use no external manuscript evidence. On the contrary I highlight the hopelessness of 1 John 5:7 being authentic based on the evidence.
I also don't bother to even mention the Greek grammar argument because I think that arguing about a language I don't understand is a bad idea.
And I also don't cite a single church father quote that seems to allude to the knowledge of the presence of the Comma.
My book is composed of only internal arguments of the Comma and all of them are original with the exception of perhaps one. I have right now over 25,000 words and expecting to hit 30,000 before completion.
Any hot shot critics that can keep this work a secret want to help me out and read my book and give it a private review?