James Asch - Kevin McGrane - Bryan Ross - Hixson “Tyra my of the experts”

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DrJames A, PhD <firstpeter315.drj@gmail.com> Fri, Jul 15, 4:44 PM (3 days ago)

I just watched a Bible teacher I respected, Byran Ross, completely recant his views on Simonides based on something he read from Kevin McGrane, and in looking for the evidence on the recant, I couldn't find it. I haven't been keeping up with the debate for some time because of the pandemic nonsense, but after seeing the "logic" used by McGrane, I'm going to brush up.

I've read a few of Hixson's views on Daniel's book, and it reads like a thesis on Tyranny of the Experts: "He has no expertise in detecting forgeries". So, reject the credibility of someone doing a historical analysis of the evidence because that person doesn't specialize in detecting forgeries (does Hixson and McGrane?) even though that's quite the strawman: none of us that believe that Simonides was the true author of Sinaiticus claim that it's a "forgery", and I believe they critics of the Simonides-Sinaiticus connection are getting away with convincing people that that narrative is bogus by burning down that strawman. Simonides claiming to be the real author of what Tischendorf attempted to present as a discovery of an ancient manuscript is not the definition of a forgery, and I hope pointing this out to the naysayers helps remove that argument from their arsonal.

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