James Price acknowledges emendation error on Joshua 21:36-37

Steven Avery

August, 2022

Dear Steven:

You are right! Thank you for pointing out this error. On page 280, I stated that the KJV translators made use of the Complutensian Polyglot among other resources. So, it was wrong to overlook that fact. Hopefully you have the printed list of errors that came with the hard copy of my book. The digital form of the book on my website has most of those errors corrected. You will find other errors in the section on textual emendations. For example, on page 284, the example of Judges 10:4 is not included in Appendix I-1.1, as also is the case of Job 21:4 on page 286. Likewise, there are duplicate entries in Appendix I-2.4.

While it is inappropriate to casually claim that the KJV translators emended solely on the basis of the ancient versions, you may want to check out the following: "my princes" vs. "princes of" in Judges 5:15. In fact, it looks like most of the entries of Appendix I-1.1 involve the KJV following the Versions against their Hebrew sources.

I hope this helps you understand the issue of textual emendations in the KJV.

James D. Price
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