James Snapp on the Sinaiticus blunders

Steven Avery


The World's Oldest Bible: Reliable or a Liability? Paperback – December 20, 2023
by Sir James Edward Snapp Jr. (Author)

In this concisely worded volume, James Edward Snapp Jr. - citizen of the kingdom of God and specialist in the field of New Testament textual analysis (and definitely NOT a KJV-Onlyist) - tests the claim that the text of one of the "the oldest and best manuscripts" of the Bible means the same thing that a typical medieval Byzantine manuscript of the Gospels means. Collecting 60 translation-affecting variants from Matthew, 60 translation-affecting variants from Mark, 60 translation-impacting variants from Luke, and 100 translation-impacting variants from John, brother James offers an irrefutable answer to the question, "Is Codex Sinaiticus' text as reliable as the Byzantine text in the Gospels?".

The answer may be enlightening for those who have relied on the ESV, NIV, NLT, CSB, and NRSV and their incessant appeals to "the oldest and best manuscripts."
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