Jonas Salk Senate testimony in 1972 or 1976

Steven Avery

Bilyana Martinovsky
Particularly, lately, this regards Salk's polio vaccine which Big Tech & Media want people to associate with Covid. One sees only success stories. Hard to find the Senate testimony, which, some claim, Salk gave in 1972.
After hearings in the Health Subcom-mittee of the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee in September, 1976, when testimony was given by Dr. Jonas Salk, poliomyelitis vaccination policy was reviewed by a special committee of The Institute of Medicine in March, 1977.
polio vaccine still remains mandatory even though in 1976 Dr. Jonas Salk (developer of original polio vaccine-the man himself) warned "...the current live polio vaccine developed by Dr. Albert Sabin... was the principal if not the sole cause of the 140 polio cases reported in the US since 1961. At the present time the risk of acquiring polio from the live virus is greater than from naturally occurring viruses"

testimony by Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the original killed polio vaccine. Dr. Salk, who testified on this issue before a U.S. Senate subcommittee, was quoted in the Oct. 17, 1976 Milwaukee Journal as telling senators, " "... the current live polio vaccine developed by Dr. Albert Sabin


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Senate Foreign Relations Committee May 5, 1976
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