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The super resource on the Western text today, in line with the OP question, is from these authors, a 4-volume work!

The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 2): A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition

They have lots of interesting material online, eg.:

“The Variant Readings of the Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles (XVI) (Acts 9:31–11:18).» Vol. 45-88"
by Josep Rius-Camps and Jenny Read-Heimerdinger - Filología Neotestamentaria Vol. 17 (2004) 45-88

Here are three sections from their work:


They do have a good discussion of Acts 8:37. including an apparatus and discussion on p. 130-131.

Acts 8:37 apparatus and discussion

Acts 8:37 (AV)
And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest.
And he answered and said,
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The verse has extremely powerful evidence for authenticity, although the modern textcrits are largely stuck in their Vaticanus-primacy mode.

Bart Ehrman hints at this powerful evidence in Orthodox Corruption.

... in the addition attested by a wide range of Greek and versional witnesses, Philip tells the eunuch that he first must profess (the orthodox) faith: “And Philip said, ‘If you believe from your whole heart, it is possible (to be baptized].’ And he answered, ‘I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God.’”185 Now the text embraces yet more clearly the confession insisted on by the orthodox, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (one and the same), a confession essential for those who wish to join the people of God. It is no surprise to find that Irenaeus quotes the interpolated text against his Gnostic opponents {Adv. Haer. Ill, 12, 8).


A far better apparatus than footnote 185 is:


Yet even that needs a lot of tweaking.
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