Josephus refers to Theophilus the high priest

Steven Avery


First, I believe I can safely assert that Theophilus is a Greek, not a Hebrew, name.
Second, there is no mention, in Philo, Josephus, or the Talmud, of Theophilus.

The Antiquities of the Jews, 18.123

Vitelius ... .Whereupon he ordered the army to march along the great plain, while he himself, with Herod the tetrarch and his friends, went up to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice to God, an ancient festival of the Jews being then just approaching; and when he had been there, and been honorably entertained by the multitude of the Jews, he made a stay there for three days, within which time he deprived Jonathan of the high priesthood, and gave it to his brother Theophilus.

The Antiquities of the Jews, 19.297

2. And when Agrippa had entirety finished all the duties of the divine worship, he removed Theophilus, the son of Ananus, from the high priesthood ......