Kallinikos individuality evidences

Steven Avery

In the big picture we are quite sure there is a Kallinikos for a few reasons, even if Simonides sometimes wrote for him, or rewrote letters from Kal.

1) the Spyridon Lampros catalog of the Athos Libraries, published 1895 (and more in 1900)

2) how he chastised Simonides,

3) is the inside information Simonides got from Sinai

4) the 1853 writing (manuscript or print) of Archaeological Relics (with or without the related bio of Simonides)

The bio has this significant section (Italian through google mangle).

From Alexandria it was in Cairo and Mount Sinai in the year 1844, in the month of January. Stopping for a while in the Greek monastery of this mountain and having discovered things of great importance, he wrote about it to the Patriarch Costanzio. And back again in Cairo and again reaches the Sinai in March. Having traveled all around and carefully both Mount Sinai and the surrounding area
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Steven Avery

epigraphic studies

Has there been any real epigraphic handwriting study of Simonides and Kallinikos? (which should include the 1853 materials and various letters like those in the NYC Grolier Club -- and also the Sinaiticus and Tischendorf material would be helpful too.)