Kyrillos and Tischendorf could not keep their stories straight!

Steven Avery


the MS. in question (as the librarian of our holy monastery, having been so from the year 1841 to 1858 [i.e. quite possibly Kyrillos], assured me) belonged to the library of the monastery, and was marked in its ancient catalogue(s). The book, then, which the librarian [i.e. quite possibly Kyrillos] who was appointed in 1841 found in this library [i.e. possibly referring to the event with Kyrillos and Tischendorf in 1844], how could it possibly be the work of Simonides, who never set foot on Mount Sinai, but only got as far as Alexandria in 1852, and went back directly from thence without having visited any other part of Egypt?

"Possibly referring to the event with Kyrillos and Tischendorf in 1844" .. you just blew up the store!

Far more likely, knowing the manuscript which had come over from Antigonus c. 1841, and not pretending to repeat the big lie of Tischendorf about finding the manuscript being burned, saved by fire, etc.

As I noted above, Kyrillos was the partner in crime of Tischendorf, he got his gifts and made the "private arrangements" but he could not be expected to follow all the lies and fabrications of Tischendorf about the 1844 heist.

Thanks, TNC, an excellent find showing that the Tischendorf con gang could not keep their stories straight.
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