Levites and Golani soldiers

Steven Avery

Note, I have light personal experience, some time at the Garden Tomb, talking and looking, some time with Michael Rood, watching an Exodus video and burning the sulphur from Sodom.

And I remember how many of the strong Wyatt supporters warned that the digging around 2006 or 2007 was not going to lead to good. I remember how they were selling trinket style stuff for the dig.

Even though I was at a health sanitarium in Tennessee in that period around 1995, and colporteurs would come around with material from Ron Wyatt, I did not search out the spot around Nashville. Later, I saw more material when I was in Israel.


Levite and Golani Soldiers

Weekly Torah Portion -- B'reshis - 1995

2) As usual, I expected to go to the lively inspiring kaballa-based second hakafot in Liberty Bell Park, and urged many visitors to do so. At the last minute, the relgious councils cancelled all such celebrations, due to the untimely death of 3 + 6 Golani soldiers. Were they right?
In their defense, it is great to see rabbinic authority identify with our soldiers, who put their lives on the line to defend us-- by cancelling this non-halachic "relgious celebration", they made a powerful and important statement-- right on!.


In 1995, a Kasman APC with six Golani soldiers on board hit a roadside bomb in Lebanon. The entire crew was killed.

Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, Nashville, Tennessee. May 1997

Youtube - Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, New Zealand. October 1998 -
58:45 - Levites

Ron Wyatt on the Ark of the Covenant, Melbourne, Australia. October 1998

Youtube - Danny and Ronnie Back In Israel - 1:07:34 (2007)
At 40:25 is the part about the Levites ('Golani soldiers')
Rebecca Tourniaire is helpful with the backdrop, she said the emotional part about how they messed up the dig of c. 2006 had to be shot twice.

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Bruce Brill – The Ark of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt & the Levite’s Demise (2014)
comment by Trent - Randy Hahn - C. Belcher - Natalie
many comments are superb and many urls to check

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Facebook - Discoveries of Ron Wyatt - 2021

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Ron Wyatt’s Deathbed Confession of Finding Ark of the Covenant & its Guardian Angels




1999 Worldnetdaily

Facebook about ridicule and 2006 dig

Bill Fry: The only other thing that would relate to anything happening in the chamber and that type of thing is back when those six people got killed trying to get in there to the ark and move it.

Here Ron Wyatt is referring to six Israeli men who, dressed up in white clothing as Levite priests, went into the chamber to take out the Ark, presumptuously assuming they possessed Holy authority to move the Ark or even touch it.

They did not come back out! So the presumably religious Jewish authorities then had to sent for Christian Ron Wyatt, who was at home in Tennessee, because he was the only living person who had ever been inside and had actually touched the Ark and survived! There had been one other man, Ron’s Arab excavation helper who had actually discovered the chamber, however soon after he had crawled in he came back out as fast as he could, totally freaked out, because of something he had seen inside, and he quit helping right there and then. So Ron flew to Israel and went inside the chamber where he found all six men dead and cross-eyed! (presumably related to death by stroke!)

This was never published at the time and completely hushed up, but the Israelis sure learned quickly not to mess with God’s Holy Ark, as in the Old Testament King David learned when one of his helpers touched the rocking Ark to stabilise it and was instantly struck dead.

Ron put the six bodies in baskets and they pulled them out one by one. After that the entrance to the tunnel was closed off and sealed with concrete, as it presumably remains until today! An amazing account, proving again that Israelis are definitely not the Chosen People by race, as it is now fully by grace for any race! Ron Wyatt was allowed by the angels to touch it, as he was an ordinary saved sinner forgiven for his sins by receiving Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross! Have you?)

Ron Wyatt: Yeah, and this is why I say I had rather not.

Bill Fry: Okay. Because I know you told me that story, but, okay, that’s fine if you don’t want to get into that.

Ron Wyatt: Well, the situation is that if we get on the page, web page, with a bunch of stuff, at some point some of the people that are keeping an eye on me, and they might not like the direction I’m taking or something. So I figure that I would just lump it into a statement that there have been those that have lost their lives, directly or indirectly, and just let it go at that.

Bill Fry: Okay. Can I just ask you one thing on a personal note, and this won’t be any part of what we’re talking about doing here, who was it that initiated those men going in there trying to move that thing, do you know?

Ron Wyatt: I didn’t ask.

Bill Fry: Okay.

Ron Wyatt: The idea was that it’s occupied territory, they wanted to get it into unoccupied territory, and ordinarily, I’m all for that. Because I sure don’t want Yasser Arafat ending up with it.

Bill Fry: Right.

Ron Wyatt: But I know he isn’t gonna.

Bill Fry: Right, it’s not really an issue.

Ron Wyatt: Right, but that was what I was given to be the reason, but as to who made that decision, well you know, I didn’t ask.


I believe this was first on Worldnet Daily
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Comments from truth2u.org

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Bruce Brill – The Ark of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt & the Levite’s Demise (2014)
comments by Trent - Randy Hahn - C. Belcher - Natalie
many comments are superb and many urls to check

  1. Louie says
    I’m glad that the Ron Wyatt story was finally exposed. Even back when I was a xtian and I heard this story I took it with a grain of salt. What shocked me the most was to see how convinced Ron Wyatt was when he told the story. You can probably still see the video on youtube.
    10 years ago

  2. sdemuijnck says
    so question remains:is the ark hidden there or is that as the story of the levite soldiers made up?
    10 years ago

  3. natalie says
    I want only the truth. I am open to receiving the truth. However, when I get a check in my spirit – when something doesn’t make sense ….I find it very difficult to believe that Ron Wyatt went through and did all the things that he did, hunting for the true locations of Biblical history just to end it with a major lie at the end. Just because Bruce Bill was mistaken about the levi soldiers that were killed in the explosion, does that mean there is no way that Ron Wyatt’s story was true? I’m a military spouse in the USA and I know that not every soldier’s death is reported here. I guess the only thing that I can say is…only time will tell!!!
    10 years ago

  4. Paul Rollins says
    This site does a great job of exposing the WAR deception, including letters from former “friends” of Ron that have been to the site, worked with Ron, and knew after their first visit that the site was just a natural occurrence. And the site also documents the WAR attempts to cover up their fraud.
    10 years ago
  5. 2bef6b09167c4a11d893f5fb0abf31fe

    new2torah says
    Ok lets be honest here please. I can find NO (ZERO, NADA, NAH) records of Ron Wyatt either in text or on video validating this story on google. QUESTION, Can anyone present in the room of this recording provide ANY EVIDENCE that Ron Wyatt told this story?
    There are plenty of videos about Ron Wyatt talking about the ark of the covenant but I have NEVER seen him talking on video about this 6 dead levites and carrying out bodies.
    Over the years there have been many Christian organizations that have ridiculed Ron Wyatt over his finds and I HAVE TO ASSUME that this Story of Ron and 6 dead levites was made up KNOWING it would discredit him. After all, its hard for a dead man to defend himself. Both Jeremiah and Maccabees validate Ron’s story of the ark being hidden in a cave outside the walls of Jerusalem.
    10 years ago

  6. jono vandor says
    G’day New2Torah, here’s a link containing the whole story… http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/ark_of_the_covenant.htm
    10 years ago

  7. Trent says
    I am also not convinced that Bruces assumptions about the soldiers nullify Ron Wyatts accounts. Bruce contacting the family of a dead soldier and later regretting this action should serve as an example to Bruce that at least he can be wrong, while providing no evidence that Ron was wrong. Im always open to hearing new evidence in such important matters such as the ark, but ive yet to hear anything that discredits Rons story or footage.
    Obviously im in the camp of “i want to believe”, but someone elses mistake doesnt in any way override what ive already taken onboard. Ive watched most of Ron Wyatts vids and have not come across the 6 levites. The only info ive found about this is posted on a typically confused xtians website claiming this. This also does not prove anything. Below is a direct quote from that website and the adress.
    [ Q. What about the 6 men who died. Were they Rabbi’s?
    A. Now about the six men. I don’t know if they were Rabbi’s or not. The Ark of the Covenant is 300′ north of the old city wall of Jerusalem and is in occupied territory. As you know Yasser Arafat has every intention of getting Jerusalem back and this area. And the UN and the United States seem to be intent on forcing Israel to accept that situation.
    The Israelis wanted to move the Ark of the Covenant out of occupied territory, into their own territory. And they allowed or arranged for six men, dressed in Levitical garb to go in and move the Ark. I didn’t ask to many questions as I have learned that it is best not to get nosy. When I go over there, quite often I will stop by the Antiquities Office, and ask them if there is something I can help them with. Now we have some electronics and some experience using electronics, and so we are able to find things that they have problems locating. We are able to see if there is something in a cave, before we actually open it, with electronics. And so they have had me do some of this.
    On this occasion they just said, “yes we have a problem that you may be able to help us with.” So that night I met them down at Zedekiah’s Cave. Some of you know where that is if you have been there. And so we went in, and they said that six men went down this tunnel to move the Ark of the Covenant to a safer place and they didn’t come out. Would you go see what happened to them. Well the Israelis are not cowards by any stretch of the imagination. Now the men that were in the tunnel had these walkie talkies or radios, and I’m sure they were in contact with people that were at the opening to the tunnel. All I can figure is, that they must have made some horrifying noises as they died. Otherwise, some people would have gone in to see what happened to them. Nobody would go in. Well when I went in they were all six dead. From the beginning of the tunnel in Zedekiah’s Cave to the chamber that the Ark of the Covenant is in, is 370′. They had progressed approximately 70′ along the tunnel when they died. All of them died of stroke.
    Now to date there has been approximately 16 people who have died, because they have tried to interfere with or stop this work that God is allowing me to do. Most of them died in connection with the Ark of the Covenant in particular. They have all died of brain cancer or stroke. So anyway what I basically did when I saw what had happened, I went back out and told them. They had brought along these rescue baskets made of lightweight alloy, with ropes tied to them in case I was able to go in.
    So I took the baskets in one at a time. I would pick up a body and put it in a basket. I held it upright as the people at the end of the tunnel would pull the basket out. When we got one to the entrance to the tunnel, I would take another basket back in and load on another body, until we got all six of them out. I didn’t ask what they did with them, I didn’t ask anything and was asked not to say anything. But this appeared in a couple of papers that there had been six Israelis die in an effort to retrieve a national artifact. Because it was in the papers, some people asked me if I knew about it. I answered yes! And so we have shared that information.
    This simply indicates that God is quite happy with the Ark of the Covenant where it is, and has not intention of letting anybody move it.
    Q. What prevents the Israelis from going into the site and taking out the Ark?
    A. The six Israelis that died in the attempt to go in and move it! When it was decided to move it out of occupied territory into unquestioned Israelis territory, this seemed like a noble project. But as I said the men that went in to move it died before they even got near the chamber. So as far as I know there hasn’t been any more attempts.
    Q. How did you say they were dressed?
    A. They were dressed in Levitical type clothing, as described in Exodus and Leviticus.]
    To watch Rons videos and then read the above quotes, i feel that there is a change in language. Ron was quietly spoken with well chosen words so its seems to me at least these dont line up. Again, this could be my “i want to believe” defense.
    Also it seems strange in the last Q&A to answer in such a way. Ron was methodical in his descriptions, the answer is a cop out.
    In any case, there it is for all to read, but im guessing this will be one of those things we will never know.
    Shalom 🙂
    10 years ago
  8. Rob says
    I am pretty new to this, but find it very interesting that people like Keith, Nehemia and Michael seem not to agree on this. It makes me think that there may be something going on besides a disagreement on the Ark of the Covenant location. The levite story I think is a side bar, as no evidence on actual location was given in this segment.
    10 years ago

  9. Sheryl says
    I find this interesting too. Imagine if you found the Ark of the Covenant and with all the people/countries wanting it, how safe would you and your family be? I’m sure there’s lots we don’t know!
    10 years ago

  10. Jeff says
    How sad.
    I understand If you do or do not agree with Ron Wyatt’s account of events.
    I understand if you do or do not believe what Ron Wyatt did.
    I understand opinion.
    What I don’t understand why you felt the need to produce a segment with Bruce Brill?
    Bruce has an interesting background.
    He’s a good story teller.
    He demonstrates sloppy investigative skills by not basing conclusions on facts but, rather on assumptions.
    The way in which you presented this segment, you are doing the same thing.
    You present as fact, opinions that are based on assumptions and hearsay.
    You are personally attacking a man that is dead.
    Who can not defend himself.
    All for what purpose?
    Are you promoting the call of our Creator or the pettiness of man?
    This is how Great Men fall.
    You are better than this.
    Take down this segment, ask forgiveness and lets get back to the mission.
    10 years ago

  11. Diana says
    Shalom! Brethren what can I say! This is another big blow!!! I’m just coming out of the shock of Paul, and Ezekiel ‘the Cherub’ not being Satan. We really need to investigate before we invest our faith. I salute everyone who was in the midrash. special thanks to Jono, without this radio we will be following blind guides. Thanks to Bruce Bill, that has exposed the lie. I first heard of Ron Wyatt when Michael Rood taught the Sinai connection. it is so sad and depressing!!! but we are children to our Father and we make mistakes we are privileged to be forgiven when we repent by our merciful Father. Halleluyah!!!!! AMEN
    10 years ago

  12. jono vandor says
    Thank you so much for your comment Diana! I LOVE listeners like yourself. You really are a blessing to me as I hope T2U continues to be a blessing to you. This one is a little hot and may not be available much longer, stay tuned 😉
    10 years ago
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