LXX - the dated and dishonest writing of Doug Kutilek to attack Kent Brandenburg

Steven Avery

Doug Kutilek takes from his own dated literature of 15 years ago:

by Doug Kutilek
[reprinted from “As I See It” 7:7, 7:8]

Doug actually rehashes this bogus scholarship on Facebook today.
Facebook - June 22, 2019
King James Version Only (Discussion)

Kutilek dishonestly tries to connect the Brandenburg view as "no LXX until Origen", yet Kent never mentions Origen in the quote given. Kutilek also tries to connect Kent Brandenburg with Peter Ruckman on this issue, which is absurd.

Did Doug even ask Kent Brandenburg for his actual LXX views and writings, or did he only go by a supposed book advertisement or blurb? None dare call this scholarship.

Doug gives a quote from Kent Brandenburg, very limited in context, as it is from a book advertisement!

Doug Kutilek
Typical of this remarkably uninformed opinion is Pastor Kent Brandenburg, who in all seriousness actually affirmed--

Kent Brandenburg

“All of the speculation about a pre-Christian LXX comes from one letter purported to be written by a certain Aristeas to his brother Philocrates during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus (285 - 246 BC), in which he relates how Philadelphus, persuaded by his librarian to get a translation of the Hebrew Scriptures for his royal library, appealed to the high priest at Jerusalem, who sent seventy-two elders (six from each of the twelve tribes) to Alexandria with an official copy of the Law. Many of the details of the Aristeas letter are exaggerated and even legendary. No one has produced a Greek copy of the Old Testament written before 300 AD. The nearest thing to an Old Testament Greek Bible anyone has found was the Ryland Papyrus (No. 458), which had a few portions of Deuteronomy 23 - 28 on it. And even this piece of papyrus was dated 150 BC, fifty to one hundred years later than the writing of the so-called Septuagint. What scholars refer to as "Septuagint papyri" are 24 pieces of papyrus, written 200 years after the death of Christ.” (Quoted from, God’s Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved For Us by Kent Brandenburg)

The information from Kent Brandenburg looks essentially accurate, allowing for any discoveries in the last 15 years. Robert Kraft has a page with more details.

The shady Doug Kutilek even removed the name of the book, and now says it is from a "book advertisement"! Why?
That would make it more difficult to determine what he says in the book.


Here is what Kent Brandenburg wrote in September 28, 2018.

What is Truth?
Opinion Based Upon the Bible The Septuagint (LXX) Chronology in Genesis 5 and 11: Corrupt and Indefensible

.... there are no ancient testimonies about what the LXX translators did in Genesis 5 and 11 because we have no idea who they were, we are not certain when they lived, where they worked, or practically anything else about them. Indeed, there are good grounds for doubting that there ever was a "the" LXX, rather than a multiplicity of Greek translations of the Hebrew Scriptures; the Letter of Aristeas, just about our only original ancient source on the origin of the LXX, makes reference to earlier translations.
100% accurate, and covered in my post above (in the Facebook forum) and:

LXX - term of scholarly confusion, misused can support bogus textual theories - GOT and Old Greek

about the conflicting and confusing usage of "LXX". Kent even points out that some Greek Old Testament likely existed before the Letter to Aristeas.


Now we go to the quote from Doug Kutilek in the original article:

"Quoted from, God’s Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved For Us by Kent Brandenburg"

God’s Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved For Us (2003
James B. Williams, Text and Translation Committee, Randolph Shaylor

This book was definitely not "by Kent Brandenburg".

In 2008, Doug Kutilek changed his text from:

from (Quoted from, God’s Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved For Us by Kent Brandenburg)

to (Quoted from a book advertisement).

Doug is simply not honest enough to tell us that this may have been simply a little book blurb excerpt from 16 years ago, and that Kent Brandenburg has in fact written about the LXX quite accurately over the years.

This is a common type of trick among the contras ... look for a weakness in how Peter Ruckman writes up something, and then stretch the truth to try to encompass superb writers like Kent Brandenburg. A lot of shifty word-parsing and inclusion-omission decisions were used by Doug Kutilek to this purpose. No, Doug, Kent is not "remarkably uninformed" .. you are just a charlatan false accuser.