Masoretic Text == Textus Receptus (OT) and first use Textus Receptus and Received Text

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Masoretic Text == Textus Receptus (OT)

Found in Translation: Essays on Jewish Biblical Translation in Honor of Leonard J. Greenspoon (2018)
“Proto-Masoretic,” “Pre-Masoretic,” “Semi-Masoretic, and “Masoretic”: A Study in Terminology and Textual Theory
Emanuel Tov

The consonantal precursor of MT was often not given a name, and instead the term “textus receptus” was used. Thus Claudius Cappellanus (1667), Erhard Andreas Frommann (1761), Theodor Noldeke (1868), and Abraham Kuenen (1873) believed that the existence of this “textus receptus” in the first centuries CE can be
proven from Scripture quotations in the New Testament and in rabbinic literature.2 In an insightful analysis, Justus Olshausen (1853) is aware that there were ancient Hebrew texts similar to the medieval MT in the first century CE.3



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The Hebrew Text of the Old testament
Ira Maurice Price
On the Text of the Torah
Gil Student

Rashi's Commentary on Psalms
by Mayer I. Gruber

The Received Text A Brief Look at the Textus Receptus by G. W. and D. E. Anderson (1999)

Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies - p. 218

The book of the prophet Jeremiah and that of the Lamentations : translated from the original Hebrew; with a commentary, critical, philological, and exegetical (1851) p. 97
by Ebenezer Hendoerson, 1784-1858

Everardus van der Hooght (1642-1716), the Last of the Christian Hebraists in the Dutch Republic (2005)
Rena Fuks-Mansfeld

Crowned with Glory
Thomas Holland

James D. Price

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The Textus Receptus & Masoretic Texts
What is the Textus Receptus? by Dr. Herbert Samworth

Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text-based
foreign language Bibles

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More info coming from William Fulke - used Received Text before Elzevir, also Gregory Martin

William Whitaker (1548?1595) and William Fulke (1538-1589) .Thomas Cartwright, Edward Bulkeley, George Wither and Thomas Bilson (KJB labourer) (check this post in email archives)

Moderated King James Bible

Facebook - Pure Bible - William Fulke post

(1590) Consilia: iuxta ordinem decretalium dispositi - Martín de Azpilcueta -

(1607) (1618) Dn. Ioannis Gutierrez iurisconsulti praeclarissimi Hispani - Juan Gutiérrez, Giovanni Battista Coccini - first use "Archepiscopo desumptum; vus Ecclesiae quo ad hoc tanquam textus receptus est:"

Dissertatio Theologica De Praedestinatione Et Reprobatione Hominum - Kaspar Lechner, Johann Straub - first use "ad Electionem requireretur distantia eligendorum (quod certum est eum postea neauisse) & interpunction variaretur quod tamen textus receptus non admittit

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