Maurice Robinson tries soooo hard to be accepted by the corruption crew

Steven Avery

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The Byzantine and Majority Greek positions are like a half-way house for folks who do not want to accept the Westcott-Hort recension but have been indoctrinated against the TR and AV.

Maurice Robinson has been the major proponent in recent years. Wonderful gentleman, good geek-work (e.g. on the Mark ending where, unlike Snapp, he properly accepts Markan authorship, and the Pericope Adulterae, also his Rule 9 paper) but an underlying hostility to the purity and excellence of our Bible. Almost at times a seething hostility, and we know where that comes from.

Trying soooo hard to be accepted by the dark side of modern Hortian textual criticism, and their Vaticanus-primacy corruption text. It is wacky that he tries to align with textual charlatans like Peter Gurry and Daniel Wallace.

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The Letter and the Spirit
The evangelical scholar has no need to fear or to exclude the Holy Spirit when practicing textual criticism.
Nov 6, 2021

The Letter and the Spirit

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