modern and current scholars who accept the pre-70 AD dating for the Gospels and often the full New Testament

Steven Avery


The New Testament and the People of God (1992)
Nicholas Thomas Wright

Dating the New Testament writings

It is still possible to find serious works of scholarship dating the entire New Testament before AD 70. (For example: John A. T. Robinson, Redating the New Testament, 1976, and John W. Wenham, Redating Matthew, Mark & Luke: A Fresh Assault on the Synoptic Problem, 1991.)


John William Wenham (1913-1996)

Redating Matthew, Mark and Luke: A Fresh Assault on the Synoptic Problem


James G. Crossley (b. 1972)

The Date Of Mark's Gospel: Insight from the Law in Earliest Christianity (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement series) (2004)

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