modern Hermas bibliographies

Steven Avery

Bibliography from Loeb to review:

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Most interesting recent and new, Carolyn Osiek and J. C. Wilson.

This is a good resource for the modern scholars, by Henry Maier

Shepherd of Hermas

A number of texts offer a general orientation to the Shepherd. Quasten 1983 and Hilhorst 1988furnish a basic introduction as well as a bibliography. Introductory essays in volumes dedicated to overviews of the Apostolic Fathers provide brief discussions of the manuscript tradition, date, authorship, theology, and other issues, as discussed in Hellholm 2010, Jefford 2005, and Verheyden 2007. Alongside these, Wilson 1995, Joly 1992, and Barnard 1968 offer overviews of debated topics in the study of the work.

  • Barnard, L. W. “The Shepherd of Hermas in Recent Research.” The Heythrop Journal 9 (1968): 29–36.
    DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2265.1968.tb00347.xE-mail Citation »
    This is a review article of critical editions and translations of the text, theories of multiple authorship, and studies in the ecclesiology of the Shepherd.
  • Hellholm, David. “The Shepherd of Hermas.” In The Apostolic Fathers: An Introduction. Edited by Wilhelm Pratscher, 215–242. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2010.
    Hellholm, a leading authority on the work, offers an overview of the text tradition, genre, contents, organization, theology, uses of Scripture, occasion, authorship and dating, and furnishes an excellent bibliography of important studies.
  • Hilhorst, A. “Hermas.” Das Reallexikon für Antike und Christentum 14 (1988): 682–781.
    Presents a basic introduction to the Shepherd and scholarly debates concerning its content, as well as a bibliography.
  • Jefford, Clayton N. The Apostolic Fathers: An Essential Guide. Nashville: Abingdon, 2005.
    The Shepherd of Hermas is treated together with the rest of the writings constituting the corpus of Apostolic Fathers through a series of chapters dedicated to overarching themes such as uses of Scripture, structures of leadership, and theological ideas.
  • Joly, Robert. “Le milieu complexe du ‘Pasteur d’Hermas.’” In Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt. Part 2. Vol. 27.1. Edited by Wolfgang Haase and Hildegard Temporini, 525–551. Berlin: De Gruyter, 1992.
    Joly’s essay presents an overview of the Shepherd as well as a presentation of leading scholarly views on chief topics, together with a bibliography and list of critical editions and translations.
  • Quasten, Johannes. Patrology. Vol. 1, The Beginnings of Patristic Literature. Reprint, Westminster, MD: Christian Classics, 1983.
    This is the starting point for research. Quasten furnishes a bibliography with a general overview of chief themes of the letter, its author, the question of the document’s integrity, and its place in the history of doctrine. Originally published 1953.
  • Verheyden, Joseph. “The Shepherd of Hermas.” In The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers. Edited by Paul Foster, 63–71. T&T Clark Biblical Studies. London and New York: T&T Clark, 2007.
    This provides both a basic overview of the Shepherd and a valuable critical engagement with recent research.
  • Wilson, Christian J. Five Problems in the Interpretation of the Shepherd of Hermas: Authorship, Genre, Canonicity, Apocalyptic, and the Absence of the Name “Jesus Christ.”Mellen Biblical Press Series 34. Lewiston, NY: Mellen Biblical Press, 1995.
    Wilson identifies and discusses differing points of view and presents his own position on each of the topics named in the title and the main proponents of representative views. This is an excellent orientation to basic issues in Shepherd scholarship.