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People we have a most joyful battle ahead. Whoever wished to sink the ship of Faux Fact Checkers here is the first example
These cruds say that CV has been identified many times - BS big time, since we have yet to unearth it and the Gov FOI say it does not exist in their replies to us!!!!! - and so I shall be preparing a very straightforward page to take each and everyone of the directors of this org down and everyone can join and do the same. Every letter protocol initiated by each of you will benefit all who come after us as well as neutering the liars and abetters.
So watch out for the link page to go up and it will be transparently clear what to do, how to and who you will be aiming at.
Ahoy shipmates, we are the 2021 Pirates of Truth, set to take down the Tyranny of Deception big time.
Who is with me? (and btw this is only one strand of the attacks we have at our disposal for all colluders!!!)
Claims that the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated, and therefore tests for it do not work, are unfounded.

Art-icle Aayy Its such a curse knowing how much fraud they pulled and worse have articles written in Defense of the fraud. The author repeated himself and said little of value.

First of all:
the Cycle threshold alone rules out anything determinable.
2. Mullins only died last year, he didn't backflip on his own declaration about his invention.

3. Check the study from china that reveled No Evidence of Asymptomatic Spread.
So all this testing is useless and counterproductive.

Not sure how they rule out said "virus" as an micro organism?

Libson Spain Courts ruled PCR and not a tool to determine Infection.

Fauci the creep himself said we're just looking at dead nucleotides.

Its a set primer and they pieced together the rest.

This set primer situation seems pretty suspect.
And so does the fact they have to guess parts of the "viral genome".

And so does the idea were looking at stars and connecting the dots and claiming a whole.

Also why the hell would papaya, car oil, goats, water come up positive if this "strand" isn't everywhere?

"Isolation is absurdly taken to mean: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in the lab. It is not separated out (isolated) from the soup. The soup contains various cells—human, monkey—and an array of (toxic) chemicals and drugs. We know the virus is there, because it is infecting and killing some of the cells."
40 FOIA requests on hold and waiting for a sample....

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