more Russian studies related to Morozov - Nosovsky

Steven Avery


Here you can download digitised pre-revolutionary version of Morozov's "Prophets: history of Bible prophecies and their literary presentation and characterization":

Here the English description of this book: - it s main source of his opinion on Bible codexes.

And another text by Nosovsky related to the Codex Sinaiticus:


In conclusion, let us inform the reader of some alarming details of Tischendorf's discovery of the Sinai Codex. When Tischendorf, in search of ancient manuscripts, came to the monastery of St Catherine, "he noticed in the library, in the middle of the hall, in a basket of discarded papers, scraps of parchment, discarded and destined for the oven. Following his scholarly instincts, he took one of the sheets and recognised in it a passage of a very ancient manuscript of the Bible; to this manuscript belonged the further 129 sheets which he took out of the basket. 43 leaves he succeeded in acquiring." [589], с. 606-607. With these sheets he returned to Europe, and then came here again several times. In the end the manuscript was "found completely" and was sold to the Russian Tsar for 9000 rubles at that time. "Which at that time was quite a lot." [589], с. 607. This whole story lasted 15 years - from 1844 to 1859. There is something strange in all this. Let us remember that the manuscript seen by N.A. Morozov was in perfect condition. But it was allegedly treated so barbarously by ignorant monks. They tore it to shreds, threw it into a dirty basket, melted the manuscript in the furnace....

CONCLUSION: The Codex Sinaiticus could have been fabricated by Tischendorf with the help of the monks of the monastery. He first made a preliminary order to them. Most likely, the 43 sheets he took away the first time were just a sample of their work. Tischendorf showed the sheets in Europe and received approval. He came back and made a full order. Total travelled three times [589], p. 607.


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