Nature provided to us by God


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It seems logical that we should stay with Nature/God and get closer to them rather than go away from Nature/God and take pharmaceuticals synthetically made by man and toward allopathy.

After deep research, I have found old books that I consider treasures which can help guide us back to God/Nature. These books are older, some from the late 1800's. Most are written by doctors and include the wisdom they wanted to pass on to future generations. There are many case studies to consider as they showed evidence for their experiments. There are more detailed and difficult to understand books, however those listed below are written for anyone to understand and consider.

One can find on-line versions of these and many others at:

‘How Nature Cures, Comprising a New System of Hygiene’ by Emmet Densmore, 1892

‘The nature cure by physical and mental methods : a bridge from the old to the new, the dawn of a new day in medical practice, a clear, short-cut treatise on the cause and cure of disease, the light turned on’
by Conger, M. E. Publication date 1893

‘True science of living : the new gospel of health; practical and physiological: Story of an evolution of natural law in the cure of disease for physicians and layman. How the sick get well’ by Edward Hooker Dewey, 1894

‘The true science of living. The new gospel of health. Practical and
physiological. Alcoholics freshly considered’
by Dewey, Edward Hooker; Pentecost, George Frederick. Publication date 1895

‘Air, Food, and Exercises: An Essay On the Predisposing Causes of Disease’ –
by Andrea Carlo Francisco Rabagliati, 1898

‘The No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting Cure’ by Edward Hooker Dewey, 1900

‘The A. B.-Z. of Our Own Nutrition’ – by Horace Fletcher, 1906

Healthology (health Study). Healthopathy (the Fasting Cure, Health Treatment)
By Irving James Eales 1907

‘Fasting for the Cure of Disease’ by Linda Burfield Hazzard 1908

‘The Fasting Cure: Reset Your Body’ – Sinclair, Upton, 1911

‘Fasting and Man’s Correct Diet’ 1921, by R.B. Pearson

The Science and Fine Art of Fasting - Herbert M. Shelton, 1934