New petition calling on British Museum, Leipzig University etc to forensically test Codex Sinaiticus


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HI, new here, hope this is the right place to start.

Having researched all the issues around the dating and authenticity of Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus etc. (and the creation of the Septuagint) for about a year, I have reached the view that Constantin Simonides wrote most or all of the parchment document, part of which 'came into the possession of' Constantin Tischendorf in 1844. Only very recently have I become aware of Chris PInto's work and I have no doubt that the hands of the Papacy were on the subsequent use made of Sinaiticus, in particular to produce the Westcott-Hort-dominated 1881 Revised Version, and hence all the Modern/Critical Text Versions.

But only last week did I become aware of the hugely salient fact that Leipzig University had, in 2015, aborted a project to forensically test their portion of Sanaiticus.

I have been praying to our God for greater understanding of this whole issue. It seems to be to be of huge significance.

Two days ago I began one of my regular Google searches for Sinaiticus, and up popped this petition, by C J Visser (whom I do not know) calling on the British Museum & Leipzig University Library etc. to forensically test Sinaiticus:

As soon as I read it, I signed on the spot and added a detailed comment.

I imagine this petition would be backed by many on this forum and I feel sure that with a bit of determination, planning and imagination, many more signatures could be found. Not just in the U.K. and the U.S. but from KJV supporters in many other countries.

I hope I have put this post in the right place


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@ Steven Avery

Thank you. I spotted this petition just a few days ago. I signed it straightaway, I do not know anything about C J Viller except that, obviously, he has devised it.

Quite a few people now have viewed this thread but still there are only two signatures to this petition.

Does this petition not need to be spread far and wide.

For example, I wonder if many Trinitarian Bible Society folk would sign it. Then there are the KJV-Only folk. Then there are well-known names like David Daniels and Christian Pinto who could easily promote it.

How can we get behind this petition and promote it, starting with the members of this very forum? That's what I'm asking

The link again:

ETA - The link in the OP works, but not this one here for some strange reason
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Steven Avery

This is not a wide readership forum, it is a combo personal research and anybody who appreciates and wants to join in.

To get more response, Facebook groups and forums like CARM or Biblical Christian and History Forum would be good tries.

I can give the petition my support, but it is unlikely I would make it a major endeavor.

It is well worded.

Steven Avery

This in the petition is dubious.

If on the other hand it proves to be authentic and as old as they say it is (at least around 1600 years old), modern Bibles may be right.

Modern versions are totally corrupt whether Sinaiticus is 300s, 600 or 1840.

Also throwing in the NKJV with the textual corruption modern versions is not legit.