no colour photos available until CSP 2009

Steven Avery

This is an adjunct to the white parchment discussion, which is where the quotes about the conditions of the two mss are located.

1846 - CFA - "
Leipzig by K?hler. The technique of copying was a kind of photo-lithographie developed by J.J. Uckermann" - BCHF forum poster

1860 - non-CFA part - Notitia Codicis Bibliorum Sina?tici - facsimile edition

1862 - Bibliorum codex sinaiticus petropolitanus - transcription .. facsimile edition

Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus et Frederico-Augustanus Lipsiensis - Kirsopp Lake (1922)

"photographic facsimile ... not in colour ... sometimes rather gray in tone" Codex Sinaiticus, The Story of the World's Oldest Book, David Parker, p. 4
2009 - CSP - accurate colouring

2010 -
Codex Sinaiticus, Facsimile Edition. "sensitive adjustments" - colouring is smoothed to match