notes on the claims of ECW preterist views

Steven Avery

Then there's the quotation from Hegesippus in Eusebius--about how the grandsons of Jude were brought before Domitian and spoke about the future coming of the kingdom,

That's from Ignatius
The last times are here. Let us therefore feel ashamed. Let us fear the longsuffering of God, so it will not mean our condemnation. Let us either fear the coming wrath, or let us love the present grace— one of the two (Eph. 11:1).


About the Charles Meek paper (brought over from a friend)
He doesn't mention the Didache which has a chapter on the second coming and is very early and he simply cites Gentry for his evidence the early church was preterist. He is almost trying to say that the second coming wasn't invented until Justin. He obviously knows very little about the early church.
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