one theory as to why the Russians sold Sinaiticus to the Brits in 1933 "as is"

Steven Avery

When Igor Grabar noticed that some icons were really fake, he had a solution to the problem:

"According to Skurlov, the Soviet artist Igor Grabar also noticed that the icons were fakes and persuaded the Russian government to sell them off in the 1930s."

Master forger's legacy goes on sale
Fake icons: Forced confession from 80 years ago is found in Russian archives
This was the same fire sale period as when Sinaiticus was sold to the Brits.

And we have seen that Morozov said straightforward that Sinaiticus was not an ancient ms, although that was not published in the West till later. And we know that the Russians did not do much with Sinaiticus after the Tischendorf years. Were they unloading their damaged goods on the gullible Brits?

This Russian thread makes the connection.

Were the Russians laughing all the way to the bank? They had pawned off the white elephant.


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