Pericope Adulterae - Knust & Wasserman - To Cast the First Stone

Steven Avery

Jesus, an Adulteress, and the Development of Christian Scripture (2005)

Early Christian Re-Writing and the History of the Pericope Adulterae (2006)
Jennifer Wright Knust

SBL Boston, Wasserman & Wright Knust on Jesus' Writing (Jn 8:6, 8) (2008)

Earth Accuses Earth: Tracing Jesus' Writing on the Ground (2010)
Jennifer Knust

The Pericope of the Adulteress in Contemporary Research
Taking Away From: Patristic Evidence and the Omission of the Pericope Adulterae from John's Gospel (2016)

To Cast the First Stone Introduction (2018)

Book Review: To Cast the First Stone (2019)
James Snapp, Jr.

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To Cast the First Stone: The Transmission of a Gospel Story (2018)
Jennifer Knust and Tommy Wasserman
Note comments by Daniel Buck.

Facebook - Textus Receptus Academy - Jeffrey Riddle review

Word Magazine - Jeffrey Riddle
Book Review: Jennifer Knust and Tommy Wasserman, To Cast the First Stone - Feb 2021

Earlier stuff!

WM 163: Follow Up: Gurry, Parker, Text, & Postmodernism - April, 2020
suffering textcrit foolishness
Tommy Wasserman
" 1) I do not believe the pericope adulterae belongs in the initial text of the Gospel of John, it entered in the early third century."
Jerome, Augustine and Ambrose refute this nonsense, as well as wide-ranging ECW citations and mss.

WM 166: Wasserman & To Cast the First Stone - June 23, 2020

Comment in Patristics for Protestants applies here

Augustine and Ambrose


Oddball gender junk, Knust is pervert-friendly.

The Bible and Feminism
Can an Adulteress Save Jesus? The Pericope Adulterae, Feminist Interpretation, and the Limits of Narrative Agency

Too Hot to Handle: The Story of the Woman Taken in Adultery in Late Antique Exegesis, Liturgy and Art
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Steven Avery

Jeffrey Riddle gave a mild reference to the powerful Jerome evidence, that points to ancient Greek and Latin mss.

Jeffrey does not mention at all that Augustine and Ambrose both specifically indicated one major reason for the dropping of the verse. (Jonathan Sheffield gets credit for properly understanding these evidences.)

The modern textcrit position is absurdity. They are clueless in discussing inclusion /omission verses.

The enlightenment terminology is anachronistic. There was virtually zero opposition to this section till the 1800s, the Reformation Bible fully accepted this section as authentic Johannine scripture. (Even if some scholars noted grumbles.)

James Snapp and Daniel Buck have some comments, Daniel on the NT Textual Criticism thread.

Pure Bible Forum
Pericope Adulterae - Augustine and Ambrose

Pericope Adulterae - Knust & Wasserman - To Cast the First Stone


inclusion-omission - widespread text-split - geography and language and text-lines - the text is authentic

symmetry of transmission - inclusion omission (Pericope Adulterae, Mark ending, heavenly witnesses)

Steven Avery

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Buck Daniel April 15, 2020
Thanks for this! I'm barely started and already identified two fallacial approaches:
1) assuming the consequent that the earliest mss are the most reliable, and
2) equivocation in defining any mss that does have the PA as not early.


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Nick Sayers - May 9, 2020
In my debate with Stephen Boyce, he asked me if I had considered the conclusions of the book To Cast the First Stone by Wasserman and Knust. I mentioned that I felt it had errors in it and it was just a popular book written for sales. But let me explain my basic concerns on this book.
Wasserman, who is one of the leading bloggers at the ETC blog, and he does not believe in an eternal hell. He is an annihilationist (a bit like a Jehovah's Witness).
The video below is Knust explaining to a LBGT church why homosexuality is ok. (Start from 4:00 to get the main points).

Jennifer Knust on the Bible and Homosexuality

My issue is, Stephen Boyce, and most other modern day supporters of reasoned eclectic concepts, seems to have no issue with saying that this book is the latest and greatest book concerning the pericope adultera. It is becoming normal to have open heretics as their main go-to gurus.
While there was understandable pushback (somewhere) on the sales motive contention, the pervert issue, as understood by Christian evangelicals, is afaik uncontested.

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Marcion (an infamous heretic of the second century) is thoroughly rehabilitated; Wasserman and Knust declare that he was actually “a modest rather than a radical redactor” (p. 113).


• Codex Fuldensis is erroneously assigned to 569 on page 230; the correct date (546) is stated in a footnote on page 4. Also, it is difficult to explain the description of Codex Fuldensis as “a fifth-century Latin Gospel harmony” on page 260.

Actually that looks like a reasonable description of the Gospel section of Fuldensis, which could easily lessen its evidence against the Pericope.

James has an important correction about Eusebius.

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The 2014 Pericope Adulterae Symposium at SEBTS.
James Snapp
Doc to review

A summary of the presentations at the 2014 symposium, with thoughts and observations about each presentation - plus an appendix which provides details about some Old Latin evidence which was mentioned at the symposium.
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