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June 5, 2020
My daughter. 19 yrs old. Healthy. Frontline worker at a huge grocery store chain. Started feeling sick about two weeks ago. Side and back pain. Nausea.. Chest pain. Primary doc sent her for chest x-ray.. Something "lit up" on right side. Sent for MRI. Cat scan. Ultra sound of back and abdomen areas..NOTHING.. While at work was unable to breathe. Chest pain. Rushed to e.r. quarantined. Tested for covid. Young. By herself because no one can be with her. Turns out its pleurisy.. An inflection of the outside of the lining of the lungs. They basically tell her.. It's because she has been
wearing a mask for over 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Breathing in her own bacteria. Carbon dioxide.. Caused an infection. And now she is in severe pain. Has to be off work with no pay.. But you wont see that on social media! She's 19. Healthy. And now is bed bound and struggling to breathe. Antibiotics. Steroids. Breathing treatments.

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August 1, 2020
My wife has just returned from a night in A&E because of breathing difficulties, Basically because she's been wearing a mask a lot she's given herself a bacterial infection akin to pluerisy, this is because she's been rebreathing bacteria. Stop wearing masks people!


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Voila, the 2nd wave! And all thanks to masks.
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Steven Avery

The attempted shill debunking attempt was humourous, and includes:

They need to throw away disposable masks after use, and clean reusable cloth masks regularly. They should also wear masks correctly — they should avoid touching the outside layer once the garment is on, and it needs to cover both the mouth and nose at all times.

“Wearing a face mask is safe,” he said. “Yes. If the mask is soiled with toxins or contaminated with virus or bacteria, it can be bad for you. Just wear a clean one. And wear it correctly.”
Read that carefully. They are saying that the way masks are normally used/misused can be bad for you. Meaning... fainting, pleruisy and other diseases.

Steven Avery

Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection
Makia Freeman - July 23, 2020

    A 2018 study shows a serious hypoxia-blood clot connection. Since hypoxia is under oxygenation, wearing masks could lead to serious or even lethal health issues for some people.
    Now that even a May 2020 CDC study (with WHO involvement) has concluded masks are not effective to stop transmission of influenza, how much more evidence do people need to stop wearing masks and cooperating with their own enslavement?

Again, lots of debunkers of the general connection.