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This topic is cross-cultural, with Richard Janko contributing an important section. It involves descriptions and any pics of Simonides, the Matthew portrait in the papyrus book, and a picture in ms. 2427, and is referenced in the Artemidorus discussion.

My purpose now is simply to put in some of the salient urls.

Athenaeum (1861)

... Perhaps he rests his claim to be heard again on the portrait of St. Matthew, which forms the frontispiece of his new work, and which, he says,

“was executed in the fifth century by Hierotheus of Thessalomca, the saint portrait painter..... The original is preserved among frescoes of Athos. The copy here given was taken from it by C. S.”

Fifth century, indeed! Either Language must have lost its usual meaning, or M. Simonides must have gone stark mad. Byzantine art! why the original! of this portrait, if, indeed, there be any original at Athos, is assuredly later than the times of Raphael or Michael Angelo, probably of a date not earlier than 1600. If M. Simonides really believes that such a portrait could be of the fifth century, the fact only proves that lie knows no more of Art than of Theology and History.
London Review (1861)

London Review.jpg

Fac-similes of Certain Portions of the Gospel of St. Matthew, and of the Epistles of Ss. James & Jude: Written on Papyrus in the First Century, and Preserved in the Egyptian Museum of Joseph Mayer ... Liverpool. With a Portrait of St. Matthew, from a Fresco Painting at Mount Athos. Edited and Illustrated with Notes and Historical and Literary Prolegomena, Containing Confirmatory Fac-similes of the Same Portions of Holy Scripture from Papyri and Parchment Mss. in the Monasteries of Mount Athos, of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai, of St. Sabba in Palestine, and Other Sources (1860?) (1862)

The Periplus of Hannon (1864)

"The Artemidorus Papyrus" sulla Classical Review (2009)
Richard Janko reviews

This has a very neat discussion by Janko.

matthew pic.jpg
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Richard Charles Murray Janko (b 1955)


Artemedorus Papyrus (2009)

“Archaic Mark” – Final Verdict (2010)
April 13, 2010

Peter Head on the portrait.
They don't come up with a name. I would have thought that Simonides was a good candidate. If you look at the portrait of Mark (Nov. Test, p. 117), there are some similarities with Simonides' portraits elsewhere (see e.g.
http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=6162172&fulltextType=BR&fileId=S0009840X09000377 on p. 409-410).

Tommy Wasserman
Pete, you may be on to something there!

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This needs to be combined with the pictures of Simonides thread to see if the picture in Artemedorus is actually solid evidence of Simonides involvement in the papyrus.

Artemidorus papyrus

And in the context of public discussion of important mss which are either forgeries or the provenance debated, we should also do this in relation to Archaic Mark.

Archaic Mark - ms 2427


Also in this discussion mix is what happened after 1867 and what is in the later bio.

Simonides passes away in 1890


Steven Avery

photograph of Simonides

Lilia - we published a portrait of Simonides in our exhibition catalogue (photograph)

She indicated that there are others available as wel.