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Steven Avery

Would it be possible to post the insert that goes with the jab? Thanks! Or a url that points to the insert.
Those considering going should be able to read that slowly and carefully before making their decision.
I did find this, don't know if it is the current hand-out.
Remember too, that this is an ongoing experimental clinical trial that ends in 2023. The Emergency Use Authorization is NOT FDA approval. Their language is meant to confuse that distinction.

Hyde Park



Johnson and Johnson was deeply involved in the manufacture and sale. The claim is true.

... Oklahoma's attorney general described Johnson & Johnson as a "drug kingpin" for its role pushing medical opioids. A state judge in that case ruled the company must pay $465 million in damages.

In a separate case, the company also agreed to pay two Ohio counties $20.4 million to settle opioid claims.

With the vaccine, however, they have no potential liability, they can not be sued.


Please, do not parrot pharma-$$$ propaganda.