Real covenants, Pseudo-covenants and Non-covenants

Steven Avery

Real covenants, Pseudo-covenants and Non-covenants

Homestead Heritage entered into relationship with an entity named yahweh some years back. They thought, in good faith, that this was a Godly pattern, ordained, covenant love. For many years Homestead Heritage has been faithful to this yahweh, through thick and thin. They thought everything was fine, although occasionally there was a ripple undercurrent. Or a dose of pain and shock, as when the false prophecy issues came forth. The problems there were blamed on one “prophet of yahweh” and they continued prayer, travailing, song worship, teachings all to yahweh. And the yahweh “prophecy” train continued. In fact, yahweh, who was always competing to take attention from the Lord Jesus Christ, the true Messiah of the Living God. As part of this usurpation, yahweh flexed his elbows and muscled in his cohort, yahshua, who had long been carrying on a crusade against the Lord Jesus. Now Homestead Heritage had double trouble.

It is not easy to leave a relationship that is not a truly ordained covenant of God. To do so can be messy, awkward, embarrassing and humbling. Yet, around 2006 Homestead Heritage considered breaking off ties with the yahweh usurper (it as at least a feint, it may have been a serious inquiry.) At that time they shrank back they drew back towards perdition (Hebrews 10:39)

However, the Lord Jesus Christ is merciful. He call, and cries, with tears of love, for
Homestead Heritage to fully break their relations with with the devil entity yahweh. If you are faithful to me, says the Lord Jesus, I will bring forth winds of refreshing. You will be healed and renewed. You will be called to pure depths.

There is no longer any Psalm 44:20 refuge for Homestead Heritage. The understanding is there, they are fully accountable. Their false relationship is exposed, they run bare. And now they must sever all ties with the devil entity with which they have a non-covenant. There was good faith, and false pretenses, and it needs to be over. Yes, much literature will go into the trash, many teachings reconsidered. A new day.

Homestead Heritage, this is your hour of decision.
"Choose you this day whom ye will serve." - Joshua 24:15
"choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live" Deut 30:19

Choose life in Jesus Christ or a dark eternity with your adulteress yahweh. You must stop going a-whoring with the dark-side entity. This thing got "smuggled in" - sneaking into the church, the fellership, as new revelation. Yet not really by the Holy Spirit, and not the word of God. .

Remember from whence you came. You took on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the holy baptisms where your sins were washed away. And then you grieved the Holy Spirit and ran into the arms of a boss of sin, yahweh.

The Lord Jesus loves you, and calls you home.

With an abiding love for the brothers and sisters,
In Jesus name,