reasoned eclecticism, properly applied, takes you to the Reformation Bible

Steven Avery

Reasoned Eclecticism

As used by Lagrange, Vaganay, Birdsall, even Colwell and others, the term“eclectic method“ came “to designate an approach that sought to bring to bear on every textual decision all available evidence, internal and external, in a synergistic complementary fashion.” 16

16 Holmes: “Reasoned Eclecticism in New Testament Textual Criticism 336.
See also, Metzger, and Ehrman, 170-94; and
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Textual Criticism: Reasoned Eclecticism
Ruben Videira Soengas

Bill Brown nonsense can be seen here.
It is so dumb that it is barely worth discussing.

James Snapp has a paper tearing to pieces the approach of Daniel Wallace (for whom BB tries to be a parrot.).

Snapp shows that the Wallace-Brown approach is a charade, a type of backdoor Hortianism.

The only text that truly matches the goals of reasoned eclecticism is the Reformation Bible text.


Bill Brown adds a bumbling and worthless attempt

He is a Wallace parrot in general, the fact that he occasionally has small disagreements does not change that fact. Granted, he can add addtional layers of confusion. It does look like he has abandoned his absurd definitions of reasoned eclecticism.


The simple fact remains is that the only text that is truly reasoned eclecticism is the Reformation Bible (Received Text.)
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