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The PCR positivity rate is a worthless metric. It varies by cycle count, inaccuracies of the mfg. and the pool of people tested. If only people who have various symptoms are tested, then the positivity rate will be higher, due to more covid-stile RNA debris. As Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test pointed out, you can basically get a positive test out of a vegan ham sandwich. (I am paraphrasing.) The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, says they got positive tests on a goat and a pawpaw (like a papaya.) Similar reports abound of people receiving positive tests where it was impossible, e.g. they left before the test. Elon Musk on the similarly troubled antibody test got two positives and two negatives. Then you have the five or more "cases" because one individual got five or more tests. There is no funneling to one case per person. Also, sometimes they add the totally different antibody test results with the PCR tests.


And it does NOT test for an infection, it tests for some RNA debris, that can have a variety of sources. That is another reason why many who test positive are perfectly healthy.

The only metric that is not easily manipulated is all-cause-mortality (ACM).

Even that gets jiggered based on various methods of iatrogenic mishandling, including ventilator murders. That number does not weigh in the simple fact that many people likely could haved live perfectly well with better treatment than given by the medical establishment. In many countries, HCQ and zinc and azithromycin (or similar combination) are used very effectively, also budesonide has a fine track record.

You are being played.

Based on all sorts of phony information (like calling a positive PCR test a covid infection) states and countries and officials that are doing very well are falsely accused. If you study a little deeper, you will find that the whole theory of viruses that hijack cells and are transmitted by aerosol droplets is bogus.
Please feel free to critique the above, and also to offer additional suggestions.

Your best precautions are being outside, breathing wonderful O2-rich air, sunlight and natural light, exercise, good food and pure water, possibly fasting and more. Saunas are good, as done by Chris Cuomo and recommended in Belarus. Set up an outdoor sanitarium environment when possible.

You might look ahead for treatments that have been successful against the blood-oxygen condition. Just in case. America's Frontline Doctors, the Zelenko protocol, or budesonide as shared by Dr. Richard Bartlett. Avoid hospitals as much as possible, and if you enter one, have a friend with a health proxy who understands the ventilator murder problem and would have to approve any such move. Have those types of protective directives written on the front page of the admission form. Remember, the hospital gets $$ for the treatment (est. $35k for a ventilator) not for success in discharging a healthy patient.

The idea that masks and anti-social distancing and economy-destroying lockdowns are "precautions" is all nonsense. They all exacerbate health problems. The ASD is terrible for emotional health, such as the thousands who lost their loved ones, emotionally starved, with no personal contact. The prison-style lockdowns help put families in bankruptcy, lose their homes, eat less healthy, etc. They are a totally absurd reaction, only good for petty tyrant fascist government adminstrators who crave power.

Masks are hurting the health of tens of millions, often in an acute and direct manner, often sub-clinical and overall have no value.