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This was shared on Topix, January 27, where the contras tend to add flak and the reading font not easy. It can be a far more pleasant read here, and without flak and buzz :) . They had been mentioning a bit about early Colorado, and I felt that a lot was missed.


Helen Jean was a super precious sister. I was baptized in her house in Mahweh, by dear brother Barry. Still have pic. Incredible times. Came out of the water and the heavens opened up. Let 's remember the ancient paths.

Not long after, Ada Inez got baptized there, John H and I used to go pick her up in Newark with cars barely running. From her testimony (I am leaving off last names, used with permission):

"I remember Bro Ralph & Sis Elsie whooshing me away into a car to get to Helen & Michael's house people that I barely knew. They felt such an urgency to get this done asap. I remember Bro Barry also I think was there and Gary S, Steven S and I remember clearly going down and I felt like I was down in the water for a while and wondering are they going to bring me up? That's when I saw in living color a baby going through the birth canal of its mother and I said that's me!! I was so excited because I knew for certain that the scripture had been fulfilled where Jesus told Nicodemus "in order to enter the kingdom of God you must be born of water and of spirit". That really sealed it for me no more searching or battling I knew I had come to my new birth!! I also think maybe Richie A or Richie B and Ruthie might also have been there. I remember everybody worshiping exuberantly and so excited when they saw I was speaking in tongues it felt so natural, no struggling I just started saying Halleluyah, thank you Jesus and boom I was filled. I saw everybody rejoicing and so much joy and happiness on everyone's face they really loved God!!"
This was when Blair actually had some special visits to fellowships in Columbia University and out in Stonybrook (Beth Yeshua, Mike Evans). And the trips as a group, the full fellership, such as Liberty Park when Reagan was there, Woodstock (where I received the Holy Spirit) Newburgh NY where Ralph preached in Spanish and many were baptized in the Spirit, Ware, MA and the Amish-Mennonite country in PA. John H was deputized to visit fellerships in Martha's Vineyard and upstate NY.

Helen really had a gift of service, and was always looking for ways to help, such as little garage sale pickups, fellowships, you name it. What a wonderful woman. One testimony she gave had to do with former magick arts books she put out on the curb after coming to faith. How they became maggotized sitting out on the curb waiting for garbage pickup. Helen had incredible enthusiasm, twinkling eyes and an infectious smile. And similarly her daughter was the sweetest sharer in one of my visits in the 1990s. (Their pictures is up on the net from c.1977 at the page of the Hudson Valley fellowship.) Later Joel's daughter had a similar warmth in sharing, and Lizzie was always ace. Thank you, friends of depth! Thanks for your love, sharing and depth, supernatural, in Jesus.

And I had a minimal contact with Michael when I was back in NJ and he called my place of work after he had left. Please be careful about trying to paint him as the financially wronged good guy. From my perspective, the posts on the previous page (on Topix) are missing a lot of the spiritual substance. Now, I will say that his words in the meetings in NJ in c. 77-79, Michael from the front right row, inside seat, were a solid part of the sharing. Waiting to head out to Colorado, Michael had a little card made up about the "city on the hill". And we had interesting times as part of the later crew in NJ while most were in Colorado. That was when Confessions of a Medical Heretic got some note. A dear friend Jim G, now passed away, had spiritual difficulties in that time. And we stumbled a bit trying to get Ralph packed up, in the Hillburn, NY scene. Brother Richie A helped my VW bug by doing a tack weld of a plate for the hole on the floor which I used for commuting to work, They were interesting times.

Tony and Michael had stayed behind for the final push, Joel was also later than most and encouraged folks to take the Colorado plunge. One of the Jersey shore brothers who was, with difficulty, convinced, in a small meeting in Hillburn with the CO purpose, stayed about a week or two and then went back east. If you remember his name, please share.

Who remembers the Lee Stoneking meeting? Apparently no more tape on the Homestead Heritage side. Maybe Lee has one :).

And one time, in Texas, I remember one deep testimony involving Helen which actually involved my returning, given by sister Regina. This was in my exploratory in-between years in the later 1990s (probably the year that Helen passed away, which I do not have right now.) Later, Denny walked with me by Helen's gravesite on the land, which was touching, in Jesus name. And I share a few thoughts here because I think so much can be missed in contra explanations and harumph dismissals. Many of those years and experiences were holiness and wonder.

Proverbs 22:28 (AV)
Remoue not the ancient land marke,
which thy fathers haue set.

And Lord Jesus, help Homestead Heritage to shed the yahwehism and the stumbles and foibles and snares around them today.

Joel 2:25
And I will restore to you the yeeres that the locust hath eaten,
the canker worme, and the caterpiller, and the palmer worme,
my great armie which I sent among you.

Lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, my brothers in Homestead Heritage!

(Dump the clumps, DUMP the devil yahweh and the sick counterfeit yahshua.)

And become real sola scriptura pure Bible believers again, wayward friends. It would be wonderful if you could pick up your AV and say:

"this is God's pure and prefect word, thank you Jesus for the plumb line of faith"

As in earlier days.

Yours in Jesus name,

Steven Avery

Marthas Vineyard

Gary Linzer -
James Smith

Jay and Gail Cummings
George and Carol Klingensmith
John (suicide) and Ellen Cunningham
Joe (gangrene infection needed poulice) and Bonnie Simpkin - Helen he died a good death
Mark Kieran (wife now in Florida) Andrea passed
Joe and Julie Belain


Gary Linzer - James Smith (remained east)
Jay and Gail Cummings
George and Carol Klingensmith
John (passed) and Ellen Cunningham
Joe (passed) and Bonnie Simpkin -
Mark Kieran - Andrea ? passed
Brad and Debby Hill
Joe and Julie (passed) Belain

My sister Diane and her Husband Rick ( Joubert) came out because of us. They were from Massachusetts but not from MV
no longer there.
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