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Vaccination Truth Censorship
(Injuries, Maiming and Death including the Autism epidemic)
Is growing. This thread will try inform you of good resources.
A whole generation of children are being injured, maimed and often killed. The grown-ups are in the cross-hairs as well.

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And I will try to set up a connected blog-forum page as well.
Addition suggestions welcome. And we can put the Vax-Pusher stuff on its own thread for analysis.


SIDENOTE - "Controlled Opposition?"
Please be aware that some excellent resources will give lip-service to how wonderful vaccinations are, overall, and we are only trying to do them more reasonably, or prevent fascist and socialist government mandates. Thus, they are at times attacked as "controlled opposition".

Whether vaccinations ever are worthwhile is a discussion, but today, they are killing and maiming enterprises pushed by big Pharma$$$$, with the cooperation of the best politicians money can buy.

Today, the healthiest are the totally non-vaxxed!

And when they leave the government, the corrupt political shills hope to take a seat in the land of the Pharma$$$$ companies.

(I still remember when Reagan took his cool million from the Japanese for one speech - as soon as he was out of office — a signal to all future USA pols.)



Google and Youtube censorship is in high gear and getting more aggressive, expect more moves against the Facebook groups and against trigger words and urls, apparently they use Australia as one testing ground.
Even in preparing this page, I noticed how Google will hide the pages of Del and Robert down on p.3-4 unless you put in certain exact words in quotes.

Bolen Report
A Hard LEGAL Look At Social Media’s Censoring Of Free Speech…


15 Must See Documentaries About Vaccines


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