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Terrain Model Refutes Germ Theory - a quirky group but lots of good discussions

Germ vs. Terrain Theory - Bechamp or Pasteur

The Infectious Myth 2.0

Dr. Stefan Lanka - Exposing the Virus Theory

Dr. William Trebing

Steven Avery

Zara Bourgeois

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Hello, I'd like to add to the resources. Some of these are a bit deeper than the mainstream and also going back over 100 years, before Naturopathy/Homeopathy , holistic medicine etc. was taken over and hidden by evildoers like Rockefeller/Carnegie/Flexner report etc.

Essentially, they proved that bacteria do not cause dis-ease by the 1860's. They showed that they live inside cells and only ferment/break down dead cells/tissues. They have no ability or equipment to infect or harm living tissues. They called anything that could not be figured out a 'virus'. A 'virus' is a toxic/poisonous substance/gas/liquid. The term has a different meaning today. There is no evidence, image or proof that 'viruses' exist today...and it does not make sense that God would create one and only one thing that harms/infects/kills anyway.

The term germ has also been corrupted. Germ comes from germination and means 'new life'. In these books, you can understand that germ theory is false and that 'viruses' do not exist.

So we come to the question, 'What causes dis-ease?' These books go into bacteria, 'viruses' and the causes of dis-ease...

Most books can be found on line here:

The Blood and Its Third Element - by Antoine Béchamp

Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology - E D Hume

The Curse of Louis Pasteur – by Nancy Appleton

The dream and lie of Louis Pasteur by R Pearson

The Chemistry of Human Life, GW Carey, 1919

Toxemia Explained JH Tilden, 1921

’What Really Makes You Ill’ - Dawn Lester, Dan Parker
The Contagion Myth - Thomas Cowan
Breaking the Spell - Thomas Cowan

“The Virus Misconception Part 1 – Measles as an example” – by Dr Stefan Lanka
PDF (same doc)

“The Virus Misconception Part 2 – The beginning and end of the corona crisis” – by Dr Stefan Lanka
PDF (same doc)

The Virus Misconception Part 3 -
"The Misinterpretation of the Antibodies" with Dr Stefan Lanka
PDF - (same doc) Translated and edited by Northern Tracey and John Blaid
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Steven Avery

I'll place info here.

Beauchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology (first edition 1923, 2nd 1932)
by Ellen Douglas Hume
Founded upon MS. by Montague R. Leverson M.D. (Baltimore), M.A., Ph.D.
With a Foreword by S. Judd Lewis, D.Sc., F.I.G
Samuel Judd Lewis (1869-1959).
Ethel Douglas Hume (1876-1950)

This following quote is attributed to the Hume book, but it may not actually be there.
Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur s germ theory would have collapsed into obscurity.

Pasteur the plagiarist : the debt of science to Béchamp (1911)
by Leverson.
Montague Richard Leverson (1830–1925)

Bechamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume was first published in 1923.
prefaced by R. B. Pearson
Pasteur: Plagiarist, Impostor The Germ Theory Exploded by R.B. Pearson was first published in 1942. (or 1940)

Pasteur, Plagiarist, Impostor!: The Germ Theory Exploded! (1940) is the original title
Robert Baille Pearson
The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur


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Here is a great recording of Dr. Lorraine Day speaking about how the Bible tells us what causes dis-ease, there are no airborne dis-eases, bacteria do not cause dis-ease and 'viruses' do not exist as described, and of course do not cause dis-ease. If we follow God's laws and commandments, he heals all dis-eases. Obey God, not man (man cannot create except for the synthetic: pharmaceuticals, modern 'medicine', doctors, drugs/pills/therapeutics).