Revelation 22:19 - book of life

Steven Avery

Erasmus and the Text of Revelation 22:19
A Critique of Thomas Holland’s
Crowned With Glory

Here are a few of the references of where I have written, I will try to expand this.

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related to Jan Krans paper
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this Hoskier study of the ECW was never referenced in the discussions in 2006 and 2008 on the textualcriticism forum, or even the recent Jan Krans paper on the verse. (Erasmus and the Text of Revelation 22:19, A Critique of Thomas Holland's Crowned with of Glory, 2008).
So I would like to find the references and we can try some evaluation.
Thomas Holland had referenced :
"The phrase book of life is also the reading of the Old Bohairic version. Finally, it is the reading found in the writings of Ambrose (397 AD), Bachiarius (late fourth century), Primasius (552 AD) and Haymo (ninth century)."
My expansion, starting with the Thomas Holland material :
[textualcriticism] Rev 22:19 - book of life - tree of life - July 24, 2006
Ambrose (c 390 AD)
Bachiarius (c 420)
Andreas of Cappadocia (c 500). * probably not
Primasius of Adrumentum (552 AD) - Commenary on Revelation
Speculum treatise
Haymo of Halberstadt (9th century) - Commentary on Revelation
Pseudo-Agustine (1160)
The response of Jan Krans to this (same day) !
"Are these Greek or Latin fathers and commentators?
And if they are Latin, do they depend on the Vulgate for their text?
And if this is conceivable, why count them as 'evidence' for the reading 'book of life'?
Yep, every savvy PhDs can flunk Logic 101 when writing in a Hortian Fog.
How many logical errors and textual fallacies can you count in the three sentences above ?
And, putting the Jan Krans misstep aside, let's look at the actual early church writer evidences.

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